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The right tests are required to properly diagnose your heart condition.

There are a variety of tests used to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Shahzad MD™ specializes in all diagnostic testing techniques, including blood tests, Exercise Stress Tests, Catheterization, CT Scans and MRI, among many others.

We utilize a variety of tests and studies in order to properly diagnose each patient, and we provide a full spectrum of treatments and procedures to counter-act blockage, deterioration, and other possible issues that are leading to disease or serious conditions.

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ultrasound (echo / echocardiogram)

stress test (treadmill)

exercise stress test (treadmill)

chemical stress test (lexiscan, dobutamine, adenosine)

nuclear stress test


ultrasound (carotid artery)


aneurysm screening (to be announced)

Arm / Hand

ultrasound (arterial duplex Doppler)

hand circulation testing of the upper extremity (arm forearm hand)

arterial waveforms of the upper extremity and hand

venous Doppler (to check for blood clots)

Leg / Foot

ABI (ankle brachial index)

ultrasound (arterial duplex Doppler)

venous reflux study (assess the vein circulation in your legs)

varicose vein testing and treatment

blood clot testing (venous Doppler ultrasound)

Heartbeat / Rhythm


event monitor


electrocardiogram (EKG)

pacemaker monitoring and testing

defibrillator monitoring and testing

loop recorder ILR monitoring and testing


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